Client Reviews

Christy T.

 I trust Carolyn above any other realtor! She truly wants what is best for her client. She was very persistent with following up with other entities such as our loan consultant, other listing agents, title company, etc. She is organized, very thorough and understanding. She respected our tastes and  needs 100%. From the get go, Carolyn was excited and ready to find my husband's and my perfect home! 

Janelle H.

 I am a loan officer and recently had the chance to work with Carolyn. She was amazing in taking great care to keep the transaction running very smoothly for our buyer client.  Also on a number of occasions she went above and beyond the expectations of a realtor.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. 

Allison F.

Carolyn was easy going and very hard working. Enjoyed working with Carolyn. Always stayed professional and on top of changes. Almost daily had new homes for me to look at that had all the requirements I was looking for. Could alway get ahold of no matter the day or time. I would highly recommend using her. We spent many months finding the right place and Carolyn was on top of everything the whole way. Very helpful and encouraging with lots of knowledge of the whole process. Thanks! 

Sanjay C.

 I recently bought my dream retirement home in the Pollock Pines area, and, though I've never written a Yelp review before, I felt I needed to write one now. I was fortunate to have picked Carolyn after meeting with several agents in the area. All came with great reviews; however, after meeting Carolyn personally, I felt she not only knew the area really well, but also had an extremely direct and honest approach to dealing with her clients. As I started working with her, I realized that was only the tip of the iceberg. I am a very hands-on client, with a desire to know a lot of details, and I come with strong opinions. In Carolyn I found an agent who listened to my needs very carefully, and then delivered. She provided me details that I asked for, made logical suggestions, helped me prioritize my choices, and gave me her honest opinions on houses we visited, having understood exactly what would make me a happy customer. Many a time she pointed out something in a house we visited, that confirmed to me that she had my best interests in mind, however long it might take. On top of that, she seemed to know the quirks and hidden details of so many houses we looked at. She definitely did her homework, and came prepared for every house we visited. 

Carolyn is one of the best agents I have worked with, and I consider myself fortunate to have picked her to find the home I'm going to live in during my retirement years.  

Carrie S.

 Working with Carolyn Nolan was the best decision we made in selling my father's home!  We are 500+ miles away and had to prepare and maintain the house to be listed for sale.  Not only was Carolyn our listing agent, she also stepped in and helped us determine what work needed to be done, who to have do the work, and also oversaw the work on our behalf!  She communicated with us every step of the way as the home was being shown and through the offers & sales process.  Not only is she very experienced, she is the most organized person I know!  She was so patient and kind, and walked me through every piece of paper work and answered my MANY questions!  Carolyn really has her finger on the pulse on the real estate market in Placerville and the surrounding areas!  I can't say enough good things about Carolyn!  I would choose her again in a heart beat! 

Laurie F.

 We had the good fortune to work with Carolyn Nolan this past summer. We were looking for land on which to put an elegant manufactured home, but as we were looking, we realized there were so many intangibles when trying to calculate costs and the practicalities of getting on the grid. We asked to see a few homes just to get an idea what we could get for our $ in this area of California, but since we weren't looking to move for possibly several years, we were not intending to buy. Carolyn totally understood our situation and listened to our needs. She indicated she was aware we would be in a long-term relationship (some realtors won't even meet with you if you are not actually in the market). Well, Carolyn showed us three different places and it turns out we fell in  love with one and we bought it! Then the hard part for her began, since we live out-of-state. Carolyn is not only one of the sincerely nicest people you'll ever meet, but she is cracking good at her job. She went to bat for us and represented us at all stages of the inspections and buying process. She works intensely in your interest as a buyer's agent (her fee is pre-determined and paid by the seller; it is not linked to how much the buyer pays for the property).
Not only is Carolyn our favorite realtor ever, but also has become our first friend in the Placerville area. We look forward to eventually moving to our new home in a few years but will always be sure to visit with her and her husband while we vacation there. 

Heather L.

 I recently bought a house and used Carolyn as my realtor.  I actually found her using Yelp and since she was well respected, I thought I would try her out.  It was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.  Carolyn treated me like I was family, and was very protective to make sure I didn't get into a house that didn't really fit my needs.  She listened carefully every single time we communicated and turned that information into how best she could make the situation for me.  We ended up having an extremely challenging situation, but absolutely nothing to do with Carolyn. On the contrary, she dealt with the challenges that came our way, and made it very easy on me. She worked hard to make things work between me and the seller.  She was in constant communication with their realtor.  Carolyn helped me with all of the inspections needed, and she was there every step of the way with me.  I consistently looked to her for advice and direction.  When there was something I was firm on, she understood and never tried to talk me out of anything, but would always give me her insight and advice. It was an absolute pleasure working with Carolyn.  I will always use her in the future and would recommend her to take care of my family members, as well.  You can't get a better realtor. 

Katie H.

 Working with Carolyn was truly a pleasure. We put our house on the market at a “bad time,” and she was faithful to pursue getting it sold!!! She is professional and prompt in responding to emails, texts, calls. Her market knowledge and expertise proved valuable and our house sold in the dead of winter!!! Highly recommend her!! 

Mare B.M.

Carolyn is tenacious, patient, professional and meticulous in her attention to the details of our needs. My husband and I relocated from out of state, which was quite an ordeal. Carolyn’s flexibility to our schedule of flying in and out of state was impressive. Her care in all the details of our purchase and loan processing was above and beyond. Putting trust in her abilities will not be a disappointment EVER!" 

Jenna H.

 My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn to purchase our dream home in Placerville and we could not be happier!

Buying a home is by far the biggest purchase of your life and you need someone reliable, knowledgeable, communicative, and supportive throughout the process. Carolyn provided all of that during the time we worked together, and we will always be appreciative of her guidance and professionalism.

We highly recommend Carolyn, she is amazing!! 

Jessica O.

 Carolyn is as good as it gets. She is positive, helpful, honest and trustworthy. She spent a long time helping me get my house ready to sell. One time she even helped me move stuff into the garage!! We really lucked out finding her.  She got our house sold at asking price and we just couldn't be more pleased. Thanks, Carolyn! 

Monica S.

 My husband and I just bought our first home with Carolyn's help and we couldn't be happier! My husband works crazy hours and our schedules are opposite each other, which right off the bat regretfully meant Carolyn had to work hard to accommodate us.  We had very few bumps in the road (outside her control) and she kept us informed and moving forward. Escrow was delayed a few days (again, not her fault!) and she stayed at the new house for the better part of a day to facilitate the appointments we had set up for carpet bids, Gas, etc. She even helped me paint! When all was finished she left us two beautiful house-warming gift baskets that had items for our kids and even our dog. Carolyn was knowledgeable, pro-active, and super sweet and thoughtful. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Dean and Mary S.

We sold and bought a house with Carolyn. She was quick to answer e-mails and text messages. Our house sold while we were looking for a new house. The houses that we liked were ones that had listed the same day. Our offer on a second house was accepted the same day after the house was listed, and we closed escrow on both our sale and purchase in 30 days.The inspectors she uses are informative and friendly. There is a lot of paper work and e-signing was convenient and fast because Carolyn has a very efficient office assistant.We really like our new house.Thank you Carolyn. 

Tim and Rebecca M.

Carolyn goes above and beyond to find the home you want in the area you are looking for, she is extremely diligent and thorough. Highly recommend Carolyn. 

Carolyn was very efficient and organized. She's got a great balance of being personable and engaging while being professional. We were looking at homes to purchase while still living out of state and she was always right on time and had dozens of houses lined up to see on the days we were in town.  Carolyn knew more about which houses would actually work for us than we did, but she was gracious and showed us houses that we were still curious about even though they probably wouldn't work. She understood that we wanted to be completely sure we looked at everything before we made a decision 

Steve and Michelle H.

My husband and I recently went through the process of buying our first home. We were relocating from CA to the southern Oregon area, and needed someone that we could rely on to help us establish contacts with reliable real estate agents and brokers in our new region. Carolyn Nolan was a huge help to us throughout the process, by first giving us contacts for OR agents and brokers (both of whom she personally interviewed prior to passing us on to them), and then checking in multiple times throughout the process to make sure that our experience was good. In many ways, we relied on Carolyn even more than our OR agent, because we knew that we could count on her vast knowledge and prompt responses. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and if we ever return to CA, she will be our go-to person for all things real estate! 

Andy N.

  My wife and I recently had the pleasure of working with Carolyn to secure our first home.  As you can imagine, we were somewhat nervous and uninformed about the home buying process, but Carolyn made sure we understood everything and that our interests were protected at all times.

At the beginning of the process, Carolyn met with us to explain the process and make sure that we were ready to embark on the crazy home buying process.  She then sent us off to get preapproved with a lender to ensure that when we found the perfect home, we would be ready to jump on it and make a strong offer (this step, often overlooked, ended up being key).  In the meantime, she researched listings and made preparations for our first round of showings.

After we received our preapproval, Carolyn had five homes lined up for us to view.  For each house, she provided us with a detailed printout of information on the house, along with other details such as pest inspections and listing agent comments that she was able to obtain.  She also brought along plenty of paper and pens to diligently take notes on our verbal comments about the properties so we could focus on observing and not writing.  The schedule was carefully choreographed so that we hit all five properties between Cameron Park and Diamond Springs within about three hours, without wasting time or gas.

After that first session, we had a couple of favorites and were looking forward to second visits to help us decide whether to make an offer.  One night, however, my wife and I were reviewing listings and came across one just listed that appeared very promising and seemed to be below market rate for the neighborhood.  We immediately sent it over to Carolyn for her thoughts.

By about 10:00 the next morning, Carolyn sent us an e-mail with more information on the property.  After reviewing the details, we gave her a call to let her know that we were definitely interested in scheduling a showing.  Since she knew that this was a good deal and likely to go quick, she offered to take us that same afternoon.

I should probably pause to note that this wasn't any regular day. This was the 4th of July, a day when most people - even realtors that love their job like Carolyn - would rather be relaxing and enjoying some family or BBQ time than showing a house.  Nevertheless, she dropped what she was doing and cheerfully drove over to show us the house.

We had a very successful showing which confirmed that this was 'the one.' Immediately after we left, Carolyn called the listing agent to get more details on the property and advise them that we were very interested, thinking that we would have a few days to think through the details and present our offer.  

Then the bombshell hit - there was already another offer! And the sellers were planning on responding the next day!

Panic? Nope, Carolyn immediately went to work as the 'quarterback' for our offer.  She confirmed with the lender that they could do a fast escrow and reached out to inspectors to hold dates and times so that we could shorten the contingency period.  She then walked us through the offer and made sure we were comfortable with all the details, spending an hour on the phone before sending it over for our signatures.  Just after 10pm, she sent the offer along with a personal note about how we would love and care for the home.  Keep in mind, this was all on the evening of the 4th of July, probably the most awkward time to conduct a business transaction other than Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

Then we braced ourselves for the wait to see if our offer would be accepted.  However, we did not have to wait long.  The sellers responded the next afternoon and accepted our offer, and declined the other offer they received.  Carolyn's savvy in developing a strong offer had paid off.

Over the next few weeks, Carolyn was in constant communication.  She made sure we understood all the forms we were required to sign and interpreted the seemingly endless stream of information.  She was physically present for all of the inspections and made sure that everything was checked properly.

At the end of that whirlwind process, Carolyn joined us at our signing appointment and helped us celebrate our close after only 23 days of escrow. We are extremely grateful to Carolyn for all her hard work on our behalf.  It is not an exaggeration to state that if we hadn't hired Carolyn as our agent and instead had gone with someone less hard working and knowledgeable, we would not be in our dream house.  She puts the "Gold" in "Re/Max Gold".